Description of a session

For each consultation, the session starts with a conversation to define the reasons for your visit. This will help identify which treatment is best for your situation or even combine several methods into one treatment.

For craniosacral therapy, you are lying on the massage table dressed and with a blanket, and I will put my hands with a subtle touch at the feet, head and sacrum, and perhaps at other specific places on the body. The work is done in silence.


For Tibetan  Energy Healing (Ringpa), you are lying on the massage table dressed and with a blanket, and I will work on different energy layers around you. I may use Tibetan mantras during the session.


For shamanic drum session, you can either sit or lie down and I will guide you to other states of consciousness that can express themselves in pictures, visions, and guidance.


For massages with essential oils, you are lying in underwear and I will use a base of massage oil and add a few drops of essential oil according to the need.


For remote/distant healing session, you can either sit or lie down with headphones and I will guide you to an inner journey.


Effects during and after the session

This work goes deep within different layers of our Being: mental, emotional, physical and spiritual. 

During the session or after the session, it is possible that repressed emotions come to the surface. It is important to accept these feelings and emotions. Also, after the session, the body can have cleansing and detoxing reactions that are also part of the healing process. They are signs that your whole being is being re-organized. This period of toxin elimination is sometimes called the "healing crisis". Acceptance is probably the most important step on the path to healing. It is recommended to drink more water to facilitate the purification and also to take some time for you (bath, walk in nature, yoga) to smoothly facilitate the integration of these transformations.