Who can benefit?


The healing or coaching sessions are suitable for all, adults as well as newborns, children or elderly. 


Often people come to alleviate a physical ailment, such as a backache, a skin problem, dizziness, fatigue, migraines or joint and muscle pain, tension in the body, or feelings of abandonment, grief, boredom, stress, sadness or fear and anxiety that people have difficulties evacuating. 


Sessions can also be beneficial during difficult transition such as divorce, accident, hospitalization, pregnancy or difficult childbirth, loss of a job, loss of a loved one. Sometimes deep trauma healing is needed to release somatic memories of abandonment at birth, sexual abuse, military mission, burn-out at work, domestic violence, intrusive hospitalization etc.


I also provide support for people who have stressful jobs: police officers, doctors, nurses, caregivers, psychologists, psychiatrists, social workers but also people from the artistic world: dancer, musicians, writer, journalists, or people who have group responsibilities: business leader, orchestra conductor.


In some instances, people were looking for self-development and expansion of consciousness to unleash new creative potential that will evolve their personal, professional or spiritual life.


What are the benefits?

·       Rest deeply and regain energy

·       Optimize well-being 

·       Recover forgotten parts and abilities (often due to emotional shocks)

·       Free yourself from attachments and addiction

·       To find one’s center in personal, relational or professional life

·       To solve difficulties of choice or orientation

·       Achieve new goals

·       Clean places, purify energy in house. For this intervention a quote will be submitted beforehand

All healings and massages do not replace the advice of your doctor and are complementary to medical treatment.

Under no circumstances should you stop medical treatment without the advice of your doctor.

The treatment is not reimbursed by medical social security.


It's a personal initiative that is only yours.

The goal is to help you in the journey towards healing, well-being and radiance.