'Since 2016, I've had sessions with Karine.
Every session has given me so much clarity to guide me further on my path of life.
The sessions have given me the chance to work through different layers of trauma. And also to reconnect with myself in times of fear and loneliness.
Karine guides me in a gentle way, giving me new insights for complex situations. She can help you make important decisions using different methods and techniques. she helped me to see things in a different light and i am very grateful.'
Emmy W, Project manager, Amsterdam, June 2019, distant Healing

“Karine is a very powerful and profound healer, because she combines knowledge with wisdom. Her hands are a touch of purity and deep profound healing. Karine is a wonderful person and a powerful healer, so pure and so real, she is able to connect with the source, a place where everything comes from. She is able to bring you to a beautiful deep space so relaxation will come to you.

For the very first time in my life I have experienced my system, my true nature. It was an unforgettable experience, full of intimacy, depth and holiness. Karine made me feel my own system knows how to heal itself. Knows where to go, knows the way. Karine makes it possible because she works like a mirror. Karine is one of the most honest and sincere people I know. She combines her experience with wisdom that is older than her her years running on this earth. She is sincerely interested and has a very big loving heart. Her integrity touches me every time i am with her. She is able to bring me to a place I knew it existed, but had forgotten how to get there. I guess that’s where i come from, it’s called home.”

Renske H, 39, founder of Het Lichthuis  - Amsterdam (Jun 2016)

I had the pleasure to have a few sessions with Karine. If somebody can give me the support to arrive gently in the here and Now without to  many words It’s  feel like coming home. Karine is a talented therapist who brought me home a few times. That’s all we can support each other in ..Simple …but yet …not so easy ..Thank you Karine for showing new sides of myself I forgot about.

Batul L , 50, founder of Buddha to buddha

“I had a series of treatments with Karine in different occasions, each time she would access very relevant parts for my healing process; with care and a loving support she let it unfold through my body. I deeply appreciated Karine’s sense and intuition, prior, and after the sessions, so she could clarify for me what was happening and put it in perspective. Thank you Karine for supporting the [re]-connective process to flow again so I can feel more whole. You are a gifted therapist and powerful intuitive healer.”

Sylvain M,  Dancer & dance therapist

In the last quarter of 2015, I have been going through a very rough time from a health perspective, suffering from many sleepless nights. I know Karine from the past and knew she started her own practice and learned about CranioSacral therapy and meditation. At first I must admit, I was a bit sceptical about it, but at the same time I could use any form of tension relief, and contributions to inner-rest and sleep. I thought I’d give it a go.

First and foremost, Karine has a very nice and warm personality. She has put me at ease right from the first moment, and clearly she understood my situation from her own experience, and gained knowledge. I had 2 different kinds of treatment: CranioSacral therapy and meditation. Cranio, through 5 sessions, during which I laid down on my back on a massage table, and by means of very ‘light touches’ on my head, feet and lower back, Karine was able to relief tension, and in some sessions put me to sleep. This helped enormously in my recovery, as lack of sleep has been a huge struggle for me. I always felt re-energized after each session of one hour. Secondly, through getting to know Karine better, she offered to help cure my situation through meditation. By means of her guidance asking the right questions at the right time, she has been able to made me much more aware of the stages I was going through and how best to respond to current and upcoming situations/feelings. This as well has helped me tremendously in my recovery.

Client who prefers to remain anonymous, 2015

`In the cranio-sacral therapy sessions I had with Karine I experienced that there is much more to the body than I am consciously aware of. She offered me a caring, safe and yet professional environment to fully meet some stuff that had been blocked for I don’t know how long. Getting rid of that was an intense experience and a huge relief. In my personal path, these sessions helped me to be more centered, more aware of what power we carry within us and more respectful toward my body. I am very grateful for that.’

Iris D, 2015

In the Karine’s Cranio sessions I experienced a lot of openness, stillness and the space to explore, whatever my system wanted to explore, release, digest. Karine offers a clear and caring frame, guiding me through the different phases. I enjoyed every time at the beginning of each session, that she took the time to help me connecting with a resource. That resource functioned as an extra support. Karine also dared to explore places of my system that are not so usual, like for example a release from the inside of the mouth. I felt I totally could and can trust her, even when things get vulnerable or delicate.

Next to all the professional skills of Karine, she is just a wonderful, empathetic, loving human being, and definitely also somebody to have a good laugh with!

Volker M, psychologist/sexologist & continuum movement teacher, 2015

‘After a severe concussion I had lots of trouble getting back into my normal life.  Long after the accident I had extreme headaches. I felt very tired, I was light and sound sensitive and my hands and feed where feeling numb… to name a few of the symptoms. The neurologist could not help me. From a medical perspective my brain was functioning normal again. My symptoms were classified as neurological misconceptions and all they could offer me was to see a physiatrists. But with 2 small children to care for and a demanding job this was no option for me.

After searching for ways out of my misery I finally tried Cranio Sacral therapy. I had my first treatment abroad during a vacation. These first three sessions were magical. Finally things started to change for the better. Back in NL I searched for a Cranio Sacral therapist to continue what I had started. After 2 unsuccessful trials with other therapists I finally met Karine Mouflin.

She was able to ease my symptoms and to get me “back on track”.  She managed to “heal” what no doctor and no medicine could do. Despite for the Cranio Sacral treatment itself I thank her for her very individual approach. Every session started with a moment of reflexion. Sometimes this was hard and I wished we could start right away with the actual treatment, but I realised that this was equally important. Karine taught me little tools I still use once in a while in my daily routine that help me to connect with myself again’.

Client who prefers to remain anonymous